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Between easy style and fashion profile, MAISON BOURDON is a Canadian brand, more precisely proudly Montreal-based, whose initiative belongs to a young Quebec designer.

Creating a unique brand of glasses, designed and produced here in our metropolis, was an idea that had been in Jean-François Bourdon's head for some time now...

Adapting techniques from technological discoveries in the science of vision for the design needs of its creations, MAISON BOURDON stands out for its refined style, brilliantly mixing nostalgic inspiration with a touch resolutely turned towards the future of eyewear design. luxury sun.

The result: a high-end, frankly contemporary product, which essentially combines through

instantly classic pieces, designed to perfectly frame the specific shapes of each male or female face. The MAISON BOURDON difference is felt even in the tactile contact of each bezel, imbued with incomparable ease and lightness.

From the design to the perfect finish of the polyurethane frames, anti-reflective and polarized lenses according to the standards of the latest discoveries, all MAISON BOURDON creations are carefully designed to ensure the durability of each product.

Each of these pieces, often produced in limited editions, offers customers of both sexes a perfect balance between relaxation and rigor, between practicality and seduction.

Sublime and fluid accessories in the city and in leisure time, the creations of Jean-François Bourdon, for his MAISON BOURDON label, redefine the rules of the contemporary solar look.



Components developed by us sometimes require several years of development.

Each copy is cut from a plate that we manufacture in elastomeric polyurethane a very resistant aeronautical plastic.

A plastic used in aeronautics that is very resistant, flexible and durable at very high temperatures and above all durable

Subsequently, I printed the patterns  to then be covered with an extra hard varnish. Everything will be polished to give it an extra shiny look.

The frame is then assembled by hand with metal hinges and exposed rivets. 

Finally, cutting and installing the

SHMC solar lensesPure Optik.

SHMC is a contraction of the English ''Super Hardened and Multi Coated'' which means "Extra hardened and Multi-layers". Practically, SHMC is a stack of several very thin layers including hardening, an anti-reflective treatment and a hydrophobic treatment. AR comprises 7 extremely thin layers of metal salts.


This treatment prevents light rays from bouncing off the face of the glass and increases its transparency. (8% more). Vision is better and a spectacular effect is the ability to see your eyes behind your glasses.
For night driving, AR is highly recommended, vision is less disturbed by sparkling reflections which tire the eyes.


At MAISON BOURDON, we are committed to producing premium frames that are both stylish and durable with a touch of madness. We work to always tryto innovate for usbrands. Welet's useCutting-edge techniques to create frames that will last a lifetime.

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